Saturday, April 12, 2014

Outfit of The Day! & How to accessorize!

Outfit of The Day! Plus How to                accessorize!

◆Im wearing all Forever21 clothes. I love Forever21. They are stylish, fun, diverse, they have everything clothing wise you are looking for and all at a great price! Most of my clothes come from here so I would highly recommend you check  them out!  You can find them here:

▶ Since im wearing a plain shirt and just plain jegging, I wanted to do some fun accessories.
- A statement necklace with matching earrings is what ive gone for. If your outfit is plain then a statement (can either be bright, bold or just big) necklace is a great choice. Mine are a light pink color but its still a statement piece bc its so big.
- I decided to wear some pointed toe flats. They are eye catching because they are pointed and a little more dressy but still casual at the same time bc they are a neutral color. It goes well with this outfit. The back of the flats have some pretty silver detailing and a pop of white, that match the shirt.

▶If you are wondering the lipstick im wearing, it is MAC Impassioned and the eyeshadow is Suspect from the naked 2 palette.

Thanks for Reading! Let me know if you would wear this and if it was helpful!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring/Summery Nails Of The Day!

These nails just make me think of spring and summer. They are so fun and easy!

●All you need to do is paint all but your accent nails a bright summery Color. I went with hot pink.
·Then Paint your ring finger any shimmery or metallic gold or silver Color. It doesn't have to look the exact same as mine to get the Same affect.
·For the middle finger, paint the entire nail white. Let it dry and I used a Black Nail skinny brush that makes stripes. I got mine from the dollar store. LA. Colors brand. And just do as many stripes as u want as big or small as you want. You can also use tape if you dont have a steady hand and you could use a zigzag tape or straight peices.

★Let me know if you like them and if you will be trying these nails out this Spring/Summer!!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Places To Find Me!

Places to Find Me on Social Media and What My Sites are Like.

● My Instagram is a great place to check out.
- I do different Makeup looks and I list all products I used to create the look.
-I do Outfit of the Days.
-I do tons of fun nail looks. (Stiletto nails, nail studs,  nail art and more.)
-I do DIY coffee and Lifestyle
-Makeup Swatches and Hauls
If you want to check out my Instagram:

●My Twitter is @ErikaLoveandArt
- I share beauty and makeup looks.
- I share Art and things that inspire me.
-I share quotes and I be myslef. I share my dark/fun sense of humor. 
- My Twitter is where I share all the things I find interesting. I dont use it like facebook and put what im doing every second. I use my twitter as an art form and people who Inspire me. Art is in everything. My art is mainly music and Makeup.
Come Check out my Twitter, I would love to make new freinds:

●My Facebook is a personal account.
-I talk about my day.
-what im doing
-i also share beauty products and makeup looks.
-my favorite songs
Check out my Facebook,  I would love to make new freinds who have the same Interests in beauty and art like I do.

●My YouTube Channel @ErikasSchannel is mostly beauty but I do throw in some DIY and Lifestyle pictorials and How To make you're own froth at home for a latte.  Stuff like that.
-I share WOM compaines who send you free products to review.
-I share popular makeup items in a collage, lip swatches, swatches and photos, so if someone wants to look up the makeup product before they buy it they can see what it's going to look like without me talking about it forever.
-I give reviews on cheap beauty products that are great quality.
-Ive done my top 10 MAC eyeshadows with swatches. 
-Awesome Nail pictorials & More!

So if you would like to check out my youtube channel:

●My Google Plus is where I share all my blog posts and Youtube videos.

●My Blog:

Thanks for Reading! I would love to make new freinds. Share some of your sites with me so I can check them out too!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Lip Injections Juviderm fillers Experience! Before and After photos! How long it took me to heal! Plus photos of the swelling and bruising!

My Lip Injections Experience! Before and After and more photos of the healing process below.

●First I want to talk about where I had my top lip done, the price and what juviderm is.

  So I live in Huntington, WV and I got very lucky and found a great deal. Most syringes of Juviderm can cost anywhere from $450.00 to $600.00 or even more depending on where you live.
I went to: where 1 syringe of Juviderm only cost me $300. So if you are in the Huntington/Charlston or tri state area, I highly recommend them.
I wanted to get this done only in my top lip because I just really didnt have much of a top lip at all. My lips were uneven so I was a little more worried about how it would turn out, but my doctor who preformed the lip augmentation told me there is a science behind it so its easy for him to look and see where to put it. I am very happy with my results.

●I chose Juviderm beacuse it is the safest choice. It is a liquid already in our bodies so our body isnt going to react bad to it, but since it is already in our bodies or body desolves it. So you will need to go back and get them touched up anywhere from 6-12 months, depending on how fast your body desolves it. So it doesnt last forever, but I think its worth the price.

There is another filler called Restalyn. It costs more because it lasts longer and it is also a liquid made up of our bodies but it can clump more because it has something in it that makes our body want to store calcium around it. So the safest choice is the juviderm. I have heard people say the Restalyn works great for them and they love it so this is just opinion, but I have heard doctors say juviderm is their favorite and safest also.

● Juviderm also can be used in lines around the mouth and smile lines on the sides of our face or just any lines around the mouth. Also, lines in the middle of the forehead. It really does give amazing results. Where the difference in Botox is Botox is for crows feet and lines around the eyes. You can also use it on the forehead.

● I put my journey in pictures so you could see how many days it took to heal and what they looked like during the week.

--Let me know what you think! If you have any questions feel free to ask! If you are thinking about getting it done and want to know more, I will gladly answer all questions!  :)

Thank you for reading and I am so glad I was able to take you along this journey with me!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

What Rihanna Wore to Paris Fashion Week! + New Trend???

I made a little photo collage of what Rihanna Wore to Paris Fashion Week and which shows she was at!
Rihanna is my celebrity fashion idol. She really is bad when it comes to being fashionable.  Miley ain't got nothin on her. :)
Check out her beautiful outfits and amazing makeup. I have to say my Fave is when she was at Givenchy, she had a fish net over her face and that sexy mostly black outfit.

I do want to mention her and Keira Knightly at Chanel. They were both wearing these interesting dresses that were slimming at the waist. Maybe a new trend?? 

Let me know which of her looks you liked best!!

Monday, February 24, 2014

NARS Damage Lipstick | Photos&Lip Swatches

NARS Damage Lipstick is a beautiful Mauve color. It can go on very sheer and be a light color, or you can build it up to be darker, which is what I did in the photos.

It smells like a face cream or something. It feels very moisturizing but still lasts on the lips.

This is very pretty for an everyday lipstick. I would highly recommend it!
The price was around $20 and you can buy it at:

In the photos below I am wearing MAC Trax in the crease just with a white shadow all over the lid. Trax is a purple color with gold running through it so I thought it would look great with this lipstick.

Let me know what you think!